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The Entombment of Christ - Case Study Example

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The researcher of the following paper states that Caravaggio painted the entombment of Christ for the church of Santa Maria, owned by Saint Phillip Neri. The painting is in the counter-reformation style, which started roughly around 1520. Italian Art had begun to sink into mannerism…
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The Entombment of Christ
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Download file to see previous pages During this period, paintings were required to remove all sorts of superstitions and lasciviousness. Paintings also lacked adornments with beauty to excite lust and everything in it was orderly. The counter0reformation period, as directed by the church, also removed profanity and indecency by ensuring that holiness was observed in the house of God.
Caravaggio’s work, especially the entombment of Christ, was especially striking for their serenity and orderliness, unlike the Last Judgment by Michelangelo that came under attack from the Church (Gardner & Fred 69). This was especially so in the counter-reformation period with its nudity that was later covered with painting over it. Judgment day also contained the Charon, a pagan symbol. These symbols were completely absent during the counter-reformation era. Judgment day was also criticized for not showing a bearded Jesus Christ or a seated Christ, which was required to create orderliness and serenity in the counter-reformation era. Another painting from the Reformation era that came under attack was the Last Supper that was criticized for its dwarfs, drunken Germans, and extravagance.
The painting of Madame de Pompadour is an embodiment of the high Rococo style of art that shows the madam in a nonchalant demeanor, which symbolized her high standing in society. The painting is also tracing her progression to official mistress from the bourgeoisie and finally to a lady-in-waiting. The book, bookcase, and quill all point to pleasure in correspondence and the arts, which was the norm in French high society at the time. Her pose, which shows her as relaxed and confident, points to her new leisure that, was also associated with French high society.
The rococo style, while initially being prevalent in decorative arts also crept into painting. In this style, artists utilized curving forms, delicate colors, and used love myths and cherubs to decorate their drawing canvases (Gardner & Fred 81). ). A typical rococo style’s most striking features were its portraiture, showing the subjects in impure or naughty poses. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Entombment of Christ Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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