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According to Nymikail, in the publication, The Arabic Calligraphy in Islamic Civilization, use of language helps people in expressing themselves, as well as in speaking out their mind. Further, language is acknowledged as a humanitarian means of exchanging interactions in an…
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Why are the Arabic language and calligraphy important in Islamic civilization
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Download file to see previous pages Nymikail further explains that a lively and growing language possesses features and characteristics that prove it to be flexible and dynamic, as well as sufficient with the present era’s needs. The remarkable as well as outright feature of a lively and growing language is the Calligraphy. A growing language uses calligraphy in recording the heritage and culture of the people dwelling within a given context, and in a given era. Peoples’ variable challenges as well as their long-lasting memories regarding their future are maintained.
Arabic calligraphy can be described as a genuine Arab and Islamic art. It is the leading significant artifact of the legacy of Arabs, the pot within which all Arabic cultures, from earlier generations merge to realize a reliable and eternal heritage. 
Forms of Arabic calligraphy differ since this calligraphy has traversed the terminal of the process of writing; therefore, loses an eternal potential regarding design and styles. Additionally, emerging amongst the outstanding characteristics of Islamic arts, composting the common factor for all Islam and Arabic arts, it can either be that they assumed shapes of mobile antiques or fixed buildings. The attribute was, also, featured in decorating mosques and in photographing; not a single Arab monument lacking Arabic calligraphy.
Notably, there became a variance between the art of writing and the process of writing. The difference is evidenced, with the first variance being in the manner in which ideas are conveyed. The second variance regards the medium used in expressing emotions, sentiments and feelings. However, it is worth appreciating that the development of the Arabic calligraphy was has taken ages to emerge spiritual engineering through a writing tool as the appropriate means.
It is irrefutable that calligraphy has a constant and fundamental role in human history, as it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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