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Paintings by Georges-Pierre Seurat and Vincent Van Gogh - Essay Example

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This paper will discuss The Starry Night’s intricate details while comparing it to the ‘Grandcamp, Evening’ painting by Georges-Pierre Seurat. George, on the other hand, is a French painter who came up with the pointillism technique that has been in use by other painters. …
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Paintings by Georges-Pierre Seurat and Vincent Van Gogh
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Extract of sample "Paintings by Georges-Pierre Seurat and Vincent Van Gogh"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "Paintings by Georges-Pierre Seurat and Vincent Van Gogh" analyzes The Starry Night’s intricate details while comparing it to the ‘Grandcamp, Evening’ painting by Georges-Pierre Seurat. Looking at the ‘The Starry Night’, one gets a feel of boldness in the painting. There is the use of dark shades of color to bring out a general feel of the painting. There is also the use of lines of different shapes and lengths. The clouds seem to be in motion as they are drawn in a continuous circular motion, while the stars and moon have unusual light around them. The focal point is a flame resemblance of a cypress tree that is a contrast from the village below. Vincent drew this piece while in bad mental shape and was in an asylum at the time. Some critics say that the scenery from his window could have afforded him the general idea with the rest of the features borrowed from memory. This is especially true with the illustration of the church spike that indicates Netherlands as his home land. There has been analysis of this painting showing that all the objects in the picture stand for various meanings. This is an iconography of Vincent’s world at the time. On the other hand, George’s work of art in ‘Grandcamp, Evening seems to give a different atmosphere. Here, the painter has incorporated various hues of color to create a sense of calm and isolation. The landscape in the background has been developed by the use of short strokes of lines to indicate a town in the far horizon, a grim sky. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Paintings by Georges-Pierre Seurat and Vincent Van Gogh Essay - 1.
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