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The present essay discusses Freedom Writers written by Erin Gruwell and Richard LaGravenese, a thoughtful movie with a social message to convey. It is based on a story that fundamentally revolves around the idea that racism, social exclusion, and gender inequality finds its origin in poverty…
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Film Review By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat : Freedom Writers
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Download file to see previous pages Most of the students have a hard time meeting the expenses of the daily life, and hence form small groups and start to live in communities to form a collective force to combat the poverty and economic challenges. The communities thus formed constitute students from the same ethnic background and the race differs from group to group. In this way, instead of having a heterogeneous class of students from varying ethnic backgrounds, Gruwell’s class was composed of small clusters of students who enjoy similar origin and hence indulge into racial fights with other groups. The fights generate not only on the basis of racism, but are also resulting from gender differences as Eva’s (student) boyfriend accidentally kills Sindy’s (student) boyfriend in an attempt to kill Grant (student) over a personal matter. When inquired by the court, Eva lies to protect her boyfriend.
It is when Gruwell begins to teach her students about the Holocaust after having snatched a racist sketch made by a student of hers, that she starts to capture the students’ respect and attention for the good. She encourages her students to write their mournful experiences of the murders of their loved ones. The authors of the story have clearly displayed the eradication of poverty from the society as the only effective means of making the society civilized especially when Gruwell herself does two part-time jobs simultaneously to earn enough money to buy her students, the composition books. Her efforts do not go in vain and the students start to excel in literary writing skills and develop into a uniform and cohesive force. Although Gruwell’s strategy works and the students become more disciplined, civilized and learned, yet she achieves this on the cost of the pleasures of her personal married life. Gruwell’s husband feels that she has devoted herself wholeheartedly to her career, so he feels neglected. The small clashes develop into big tension and ultimately the two part ways when Patrick Dempsey (Gruwell’s husband) divorces her. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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