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The Effects of Censorship on Hellmans The Childrens Hour - Movie Review Example

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The purpose of this review is to analyze the storyline of the movie "Hellman’s The Children’s Hour" in comparison to the "These Three" in order to investigate to what extent the former movie loses the point of the original story due to the constraints of censorship…
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The Effects of Censorship on Hellmans The Childrens Hour
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"The Effects of Censorship on Hellmans The Childrens Hour"

Download file to see previous pages By the time Hellman and Wyler returned to the story in 1961, those restrictions had been relaxed. They produced a film in 1961 which contrasted greatly with the earlier version. It was much closer to the grim, unpleasant tone of the original play and included the references to homosexuality not permitted in 1936.
The story of “The Children’s Hour” involves two female school teachers running a private school for young girls. One of the teachers, Karen, is engaged to a doctor, Joe. When one of the girls in the school, Mary, is angry at the teachers for disciplining her, she makes up a lie to her grandmother about seeing the two women involved in a way that was “unnatural” (20 Best Plays of the Modern American Theater Complete, Gassner, John, Editor, Hellman, Lillian, The Children’s Hour, Act II, sc. 1, p.578, Crown Publishers, New York, 1965). The girl bullies a fellow student at the school into supporting her story. The grandmother believes them and eventually, she tells all the other parents about the charge. Soon, all the students are removed from the school, leaving the two teachers with no means of support.
The 1961 film follows this storyline closely. But the lie that the young girl tells about the teachers was changed dramatically for “These Three.” The rumor she spread was that the teacher not engaged, Martha was also involved romantically with the doctor. In the 1936 film version, this was considered enough of a scandal to ruin the two schoolteachers. Eventually, in both films, the grandmother who believed her granddaughter and ruined the lives of the teachers finds out the truth and tries to make reparations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...the freedom of intellectual thinking or to provoke learning. “Education is a process in which children are taught to think critically for themselves, and that this is best accomplished by exposing them to wide range of materials” (Amey 2). Censorship denies the resources for students to develop the critical thinking skill which is mandatory to succeed in an increasingly competitive and complex society. In other words, it renders them crippled by limiting their knowledge. Students should be given the rights to read books about society that depicts the reality of life, in order to give them the freedom of intellectual thinking or to provoke learning. In conclusion, the policy of censoring books in school...
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...where the book or material is intended for the pupils in formative years, then such a material either in the form of language ought to be censored. For instance, if a primary school book is laced with racial language that aims at discriminating against another, then the material would skew the mind and reasoning acumen of the young children towards such direction. It is important to note and mention that the children would have been misguided into believing such stereotype which would be prejudicial in their subsequent years. This is to say that such pupils would have been misled by being exposed to reading such material while on the hand, it would have been banned and the damage controlled even before...
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