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Movie Comparison of Citizen Kane and Schindlers List - Essay Example

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This essay describes and compares ‘Citizen Kane’ and ‘Schindler’s List’, that both are two masterful pieces from two renowned directors who both greatly represent their time. The resercher states that there are many similarities and differences between these two films to be analyzed…
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Movie Comparison of Citizen Kane and Schindlers List
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Extract of sample "Movie Comparison of Citizen Kane and Schindlers List"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher of this essay contrasts and compares two significant and well-known movies, that are ‘Schindler’s List’ and ‘Citizen Kane’. There are two powerhouse films, that have made their mark as two of the greatest films in the world. The researcher mentiones in the essay that these movies stamped the names of their directors as forces to be reckoned with in their field. ‘Citizen Kane’ was Orson Welles in every essence of that statement. The researcher provides his opinion on the topic and states that plot was very interesting from beginning to end. It is one that makes the audience think and takes them into a journey. Essentially, as good films go the underlying theme centers on man and how you could easily lose grip of reality and how with all the money of the world you could remain unfulfilled. The story plays on the materialistic propensity prevalent in society, even in the 1940s. But what ‘Schindler’s List’ relentlessly communicated was a far more humanistic tug on a person’s nature. This movie showed human beings at their worst and a man at his best. The emotional story and how Spielberg was able to transform it into heart wrenching film made it memorable and uplifting more than ‘Citizen Kane’ was able to do. The researcher then concluds that two films tackle wealth, power and influence but where one highlights a man’s fall and the subsequent inconsequentiality of his life because of greed, the other showcased how a man was able to save lives with the same virtues and transcend himself into being a person of hope. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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