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Design a questionnaire for a service or attraction which operates in the events, tourism or hospitality environment - Essay Example

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In this paper, I have carried out two tasks at two different levels: the first task involves the construction of a questionnaire for data collection at a museum. The second task involves the analysis of data collected from a group of respondents who comprised visitors to a…
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Design a questionnaire for a service or attraction which operates in the events, tourism or hospitality environment
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Extract of sample "Design a questionnaire for a service or attraction which operates in the events, tourism or hospitality environment"

Download file to see previous pages I will be honoured to have you complete the questionnaire and hand it back to me for further analysis by the 20th of January, 2015. Please note that the required information is only intended for educational purposes, and will not, as such, be used for any other purposes apart from the above described role. If you have any doubts or inquiries, kindly contact the university hotline on the number …………. or email …………… Kindly note that this survey does not require you to publish identifiable details about yourself at any point. In line with my university’s standards I am bound to ensure that such information is not included in the survey. Consequently, please avoid listing any information that is considered sensitive, such as your name, residence or names of your relatives. Kindly provide the most suited responses based on your own position and according to the attached guideline. The survey is only intended to take around 10 to 15 minutes of your time – I dearly appreciate your input and dedication.
The above table and pie chart show the results of the analysis based on the main motivational factors for the survey participants. Among the listed factors, family activity was the leading motivator (30.7%) followed by education (21.8%), culture (15.8%), and sightseeing (13.9%). Based on the results presented in table 1 above (also replicated in figure 1), the least common reasons why visitors went to museums were listed under the category “others” (comprising 11.9%), and special events (5.0%). Huh (2002) listed sighseeing as the leading motivator for museum visits, a finding that is also corroborated by Lien (2010). However, it is Jonsson and Devonish (2008) who link rising educational forums as a leading factor for museum visits, as was found in this analysis.
Based on table 2 (and figure 2) below, the majority of visitors ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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