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Stop, Spook, and Listen: Ghost Tours are Amazing - Article Example

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This paper highlights that if you are up to try a thrilling adventure, there is no better way to get your adrenaline pumping than to experience a ghost tour. After all, it is not every day that one gets out in the middle of the night to explore spooky places and experience paranormal activity…
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Stop, Spook, and Listen: Ghost Tours are Amazing
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Download file to see previous pages The idea of ghost hunting in castles and haunted areas has been widely popularized on TV with shows such as The Scariest Places on Earth and Ghost Hunters. Since then, a lot of adventurous individuals have expressed their interest in exploring haunted sites and experiencing encounters with paranormal beings. Because of the renewed interest in this adventure, ghost tour companies have set-up an organized ghost hunting events in which you will be joined by paranormal experts who will guide you throughout the entire area and tell you about its dark past.
Also, ghost tour companies provide you with all the necessary hunting equipment – sound recorders, compass, barometer, and night vision cameras – to enhance your ghost hunting adventure. Upon the request of the group, ghost tour companies can also set up a séance, Ouija board session, or glass divination to communicate with the spirits. Of course, these activities are backed up by ghost experts who will guide you through the adventure. Also, first-aid kits and emergency preparation are on stand-by just in case everything gets out of hands.
You might be surprised to know that Europe has one of the most interesting spots when it comes to ghost adventures. Because of its dark past, castles and mansions across the UK are filled with horror stories about its past residents and owners. Haunted places are always known for their rich histories. For instance, gothic castles and dungeons are always filled with death stories about crimes, war, and disease during olden times. Likewise, forts and military bunkers are known to experience death by torture and murder. Even mental hospitals, churches, and schools are known to be the spookiest sites because of the history of the suffering experienced by its past residents.
A popular destination in the UK for ghost hunters is the White Chapel where you can retrace and discover the paths taken by Jack the Ripper. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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