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Neil Postmans Technopoly - Essay Example

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Neil postman is an American author who was also a cultural critic. Postman was a humanist who believed that no matter the level of technological advancement, it can never replace human values. This essay simply critically assesses and analyses neil postman’s notion on technological progression…
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Neil Postmans Technopoly
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"Neil Postmans Technopoly"

Download file to see previous pages This study stresses that Postman also blames this technology for the increased information which according to him is useless because it cannot help solve human problems or even answer the simple questions that they may have. Postman also believes that technology uses people rather than them using it. To solve this problem of people falling victim to technology, Postman suggests that young people and students be taught history and the social effects and biases of technology.Postman further argues that, technology has destroyed culture and made people slaves to machines. People have simply become mouthpieces to these machines, doing what only these machines propose and not relying in any way on the traditional and cultural ways of doing things. Experts have been given the leading role. Efficiency, objectivity, following laid down processes and standardization is the new way to run things.
As the paper declares Neil Postman is basically a Luddite. Postman is an individual so afraid of development due to the fear of being replaced by these efficient, productive, cheaper and fast ways of doing things.The progress that technology has brought in the short time that it has existed is alarming. For Postman to claim that it is bad and that it has destroyed culture is truly absurd. Postman is an individual stuck in the ancient times, before industrial revolution and only fears of being replaced by this technological advancement. Neil postman bases his argument that technological advancement is debauched only on its impact to culture. His narrow outlook of events does not allow him to see all the good that has resulted from this technological development. He primarily focuses on how human action has been dictated by machines but does not go further to look at the impact of this machine dictated action. Does it lead to better results or are that results inferior to the traditionally guided actions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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