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Biomass Energy: the Scale of the Potential Resource - Research Paper Example

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The reporter casts light upon the fact that as much as the excessive use of biomass can considerably replace the use of fossil fuel, it can also pressure conservation areas, contaminate water resource thus reducing food security…
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Biomass Energy: the Scale of the Potential Resource
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"Biomass Energy: the Scale of the Potential Resource"

Download file to see previous pages In the global rating, possible above plant development on deserted land emits energy holdings of approximately 5% of the world original energy utilization in the year 2006. This amount of emission proves standard in that an increased or surpassing the amount of biomass production levels harm the environment by either reducing food security or alters the climate pattern (Field, Campbell & Lobell, 2008).
The paper evaluates, the problems experienced when gauging the effects of bioenergy productions on the environment, in relation to greenhouse gas production and worldwide biofuel production goals. The document tackles the value of proper system limits in examining the convenience of bioenergy products. The move involves relating the policy areas like; Agriculture and food production, energy and transport means, and climate and environment to international development. The analysis finally concludes using a range of policy predicaments in the bioenergy sector (Petersen, 2008).
The use of Biofuels resulting from the low input high density (LIHD) combination of local grassland perennials emits extra usable energy, decreases the level of greenhouse gas emission, and reduced levels of Agrichemical pollution per hectare compared to corn grain ethanol and soybean biodiesel. The results of ‘High-diversity grassland’ produced higher bioenergy of an amount 238% times higher than the yields of a monoculture, 10 years later. LIHD biofuels prove useful as its employees can work in an agricultural degraded land without the need to displace food manufacture or destruction of biodiversity through habitat destruction (Tilman, Hill & Lehman, 2006).
The decision concerning employing remains of annual crops to produce ethanol requires an alternative consideration of the remains. The use of the residues to increases and make the level of soil organic carbon steady proves paramount. The alternatives prefer the application of use measures to a limited scope to remove residues from the field.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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