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Robo-Girlfriend in the Area of Surgery - Assignment Example

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In the essay “Robo-Girlfriend in the Area of Surgery” the author discusses a giant leap of the da Vinci surgical system forward in being able to provide the least intrusive surgical method for complicated procedures for treating a variety of medical conditions through the assistance of robotics…
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Robo-Girlfriend in the Area of Surgery
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Extract of sample "Robo-Girlfriend in the Area of Surgery"

Download file to see previous pages As early as 1960, industrial robots called Unimates were already in use at General Motors. In space exploration, who isn’t familiar with the Mars rover? In military operations, the value of robots has been proved once again with success in using unmanned predator vehicles and unmanned combat air vehicles. Presently, more research is carried out to be able to discover and learn more useful functions of robots. Just last year, Sega released a new 15-inch robot called E.M.A. (Eternal Maiden Actualization) which was designed to target the population of lonesome adults. In a sense, it was a robotic “girlfriend”. What then does this imply about the future of robotics? Are we really being replaced by robots? Are robots really capable of fulfilling the role of a girlfriend despite them being non-human? And are men really capable of loving these robots?
In the year 2008, the company Sega released a new robot to the public. It was no ordinary robot, so very far in likeness from previous robots made by other robotics companies. E.M.A. or Eternal Maiden Actualization is a 15-inch robot that walks like a woman with nimble body movements, can sing, dance, exchange business cards and even kiss. It is equipped with infrared sensors to sense movement and recognize a human head and it has sound sensors as well.
With all these interactive features, the female robot can be said to be a suitable companion for lonely male souls out there. Far different from other robots built sturdily for research, industrial work, and medical undertakings, E.M.A. was made for social interaction.
Robots have proved useful many times over in different aspects of society. A good thing as it may seem, there are also negative effects of using robotics. The main problem is that many human workers are displaced be the cause robots are chosen over them to perform tasks.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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