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Who wrote “Animal Farm"?

What events does the book reflect? What are the main themes of the book? Also, I need to include a brief description of the author’s life and work.

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The great English novelist George Orwell wrote the novel. The name is a pseudonym for Eric Arthur Blair, an English novelist, journalist, critic and essayist. He was born on 25th June 1903. He passed away on 21st January 1950. His father was a colonial British civil servant in east India. His work mainly concentrates on his outspoken support for democratic socialism, opposition against totalitarianism and perpetual awareness of social injustice. He was born in Bihar, India. His great grandfather, Charles Blair, was a wealthy land in Dorset. He married the Earl of Westmorland’s daughter Lady Mary Fane. Orwell received income as an absentee landlord from plantations in Jamaica and his grandfather was a clergyman.

Orwell undertook his studies in Eton, England and joined the Imperial Police of India in Burma. He soon resigned this post in 1927 and embarked on writing. He moved to Paris in 1928 and undertook several menial jobs due to lack of immediate success as a writer. He assumed the pseudonym in 1933. Burmese Days was written in 1934. It was his first novel. The Road to Wigan Pier was written in 1936 after he was hired to write about the poverty situation amongst the miners in the northern part of England. He joined the Republicans in Spain to fight against the Soviet backed Franco’s Nationalists where he was forced to flee for his life. He wrote The Animal Farm in 1945 based on his view of how Stalin betrayed the Russian Revolution.

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