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Describe how to report any immediate problems with the administration

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updated 10 months ago

This question is testing on the broad topic of health and social care but particularly on the administration of medication to individuals and monitoring effects of these medications. It is always good for one to pay attention to make sure that he or she upholds individuals’ self-respect, choices, and inclinations. Some people will refuse to take their medication; the refusal may be their right as no one cannot legally force the deviant patient to take the medication. Similarly, there is no medication policy that compels one to take medicine against their consent. Therefore, the best way to handle individuals who pose problems in taking their medicine is to first give them a listening ear. Understand why the individual is refusing, you will be surprised that at times it is just because they do not know why they are taking the medication. Some other simple reasons may because the individual has difficulties swallowing tablets etc. You are obligated to explain to them why they are taking medication and provide alternative forms of medications such as liquid doses and injections if the individual has problems with swallowing tablets. If after all your efforts the individual refused their medication, you are forced to notify the administration.

Start by documenting the refusal on their Medication Administration Record (MAR), a report that works as an official documentation of the medication given to the individual at the facility of care. Also, note this in their care plan and immediately let the Manager directly above you know. The manager will, later on, get in touch with the patient’s doctor for more advice.

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To report any immediate problems with the administration one would need to record the problem or refusal on the MAR chart available and annotate the care plan. Afterwards one should inform the Home Manager or somebody else of equal position (in charge) at that time and then probably discuss the issue with the service user’s GP depending on what the current problem is.


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