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Smokers in Engineering Classes vs. Liberal Arts Classes - Statistics Project Example

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The reporter states that smoking is a very common habit to many students who are in college or university. Most of the student’s objective of going to college is that finally after completing their secondary studies they will get admissions in colleges and get the freedom to do what they cannot do in the presence of parents…
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Smokers in Engineering Classes vs. Liberal Arts Classes
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Extract of sample "Smokers in Engineering Classes vs. Liberal Arts Classes"

Download file to see previous pages This is the best platform used to ask them their class and if they have a smoking habit. A lot of information gathered was taken from the gym and the field where most students seem to freely interact with their classes. If more students with or without a smoking habit go to the gym then we may have a conclusion that the class has more students who smoke than the other one. We decided to test the claims that less than 80% of college students smoke in engineering classes and less than 60% of students smoke in liberal arts classes and that students in liberal arts classes smoke more than engineering students did. This pertains to the economy because finding extra coins to smoke is hard and the costs of attaining college classes are rising because of the cost of living (Lejuez, 180).
The survey undertook a population of 56 males and 45 females from each class to find out whether or not they have a smoking habit. While collecting the data there were some shortcomings in that not most students attend the gym and so the data collected might not be 100% accurate. The other shortcomings some students were already at school while others were working. Even though the data and the result collected may not be accurate, interview as a method of collecting data has appeared as the most appropriate method of collection of data. This is because it gives you a direct systematic conversation between the interviewer and the respondent, therefore, giving you the ability to judge if the information is relevant or not.
The research design will adopt descriptive statistics that is it will summarize the quantities gathered by use of tables and pie charts to arrive at the findings and inferential statistics that is the estimation of the parameters and testing of statistical hypothesis.
According to the data collected, it can be seen that 58.93% of the males in Engineering classes smoke while they are still in college and that 41.07% of students in liberal Arts classes smoke while still in school. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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