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Occupational Folklife - Assignment Example

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The following assignment "Occupational Folklife" is focused on the sports game that unites different people and cultures. As the author puts it, soccer is an amazing sport that is physically demanding but at the same time also assists us to relax and recreate ourselves. …
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Occupational Folklife
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Extract of sample "Occupational Folklife"

Download file to see previous pages Partaking in this activity assists us to bond out of the classroom and develop friendly relationships on and off the field too. This helps us to come together as a group and identify as one.
The values and skills stressed during the soccer match are those of teamwork, hard work, commitment, and dedication. Each member of the opposing team gets expected to understand the concept of teamwork and how it is vital in helping their team to win and play excellently. Teamwork in soccer is displayed by passing the ball to your teammates and also through attacking or defending against the opposing team as a unit. Each member also has to show dedication and commitment by making time to participate in this activity after class and group work. As members of the group study, we encourage each other to show up for matches and always give our entire effort when playing for our teams. Members encourage each other to dedicate part of their extra time towards playing soccer together. Soccer is a physically demanding game and requires hard work to maintain physical fitness and shape. As a group, we undertake warm-ups and some physical exercises together before playing. By exercising, members get to ensure their levels of physical fitness are commendable and thus do not strain physically during the match.
Through playing soccer as an informal activity, the individual status or ranks within the group become forgotten until the match is over. The activity helps the group to bond and relate to each other as team members and friends on a casual basis. Soccer assists the group members to relate to each other on a friendly level where we share a joke about each other or let loose of the seriousness that comes from knowing each other on our academic levels. Group members do not mind about their academic performances’ while on the field playing, but rather become focused on assisting their teams to win.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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