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Three theories of Campaign Management and Planning - Essay Example

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Everett Rogers developed Diffusion of Innovation theory in 1962 and it explains the spread of ideas among members of a particular society (Craig & Muller, 25). The theory explains how an idea gains energy and infiltrates the population of a particular community setting. It ends…
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Three theories of Campaign Management and Planning
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Download file to see previous pages The primary aim of most candidates is to get, as many votes as possible and the theory of diffusion of innovation will help them plan their campaigns effectively. The theory helps the campaign team understand the characteristics of the target population. The theory argues that individuals will adopt an idea if they believe it will make a change. The theory categorizes the main elements of the diffusion theory and categories of individuals in a society (Rogers, 26).
The Smart Choices campaign of 1995 was a battle trying to reduce the effects of tobacco in the schools. Adoption of the diffusion of innovations theory helps the campaign planning. The application of the theory increases awareness in the district schools and changes the attitude of teachers towards the program. The diffusion theory uses the categories of the theory to achieve its objective.
Albert Bandura developed the theory of Social Cognitive Theory in 1977 and it stresses on the social behavior. He was working with individuals who had snake phobias. His theory talks about how a person can learn by observing other individuals, which will be the focus of the study. Bandura assumes that a person can find the behavior of a model and gain new knowledge and behavior. According to the author, the model is the persons who demonstrate the behavior of other people (Bandura, 70). He continues to argue that in a social context learning occurs through observation. Experts claim that learning is an internal process that can change the behavior of individuals.
Social cognitive is an important theory in the campaign planning and management of any program. The theory provides a framework through which it analyzes the determinants and mechanisms through which symbolic communication affects the thoughts of individuals. Mass media has a big role by helping most campaign programs achieve their set goals and objectives. The theory provides ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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