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As a matter of fact, the United Sates of America (USA) has now become a diversified society, thanks to the immigration Africans, Arabs, Indians and Latin Americans who chose to relocate there as it was perceived to be more promising than their native countries. Today, the…
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Cultural Heritage
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Download file to see previous pages Because I am a child of mixed race, it is important to say that my behaviors, lifestyle, perceptions and ways of life have been greatly influenced by my heritage.
Even though my family traces its roots to Syria, my family ended up in USA a result of the emigration of my ancestors into the country. According to my family history, it is my grand father Bashir Ashraf who decided to relocate to USA in 1924 at a time when his country was under dictatorial under the Ottoman Empire. The reason for his movement can be explained by the social conflict theory that was fueled by the antagonism between different sections of the Ottoman society that compelled many people to flee the country and seek refuge in elsewhere. Because of this, my grandfather later settled in Hudson River, New Jersey. Because they were few, they simply decided to live in an ethnic enclave because it could help them to identify with one another. However, as immigrants, they were not given equal treatment like the Native American citizens. Instead, they were subjected to lots of discrimination, humiliation and maltreatments. Unfortunately, my grandfather faced more oppression because he was a Muslim. Despite all these challenges, my grander father managed to survive. In fact, he later set up a family which still exists up to date. Had it not been for his endurance, I would not be existing today.
Since I owe my origin to two races, I have learnt to live by mixing the Arabian and western US culture. This has influenced my entire life. Because of this, I can speak both English and Arabic. At the same time, I have assimilated a lot of US culture including music, ideologies, individualism, hard work and others. At the same time, I have not accepted to abandon my culture. I am a Muslim adherent who is committed to aspects of Islamic law as well. This has been necessary for me because I hail from a Muslim family which still live in accordance to the Islamic doctrines and speak Arabic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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