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Prison Privatization (Problem Statement, Purpose Statement and Research Questions) - Assignment Example

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Prison privatization, while many consider it to be a necessary aspect of the modern globalized world, fail to understand that it leads to the usurpation of the role given to government by private corporations, which are not accountable to the public. In order to prove this…
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Prison Privatization (Problem Statement, Purpose Statement and Research Questions)
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"Prison Privatization (Problem Statement, Purpose Statement and Research Questions)"

Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, the research will attempt to address the lack of accountability of private prisons towards the public, since their main aim is to make a profit. In order to achieve this objective, it will be necessary for a study to be carried out to prove that private prisons encourage the sending of innocents to their facilities so that they can remain in full capacity, hence making more money and compromising the justice system.
The rise of prison industrial complex in United States over the last few decades has remained a matter of heated public debate concerning its viability. Many states across the nation are increasingly privatizing prisons in a bid to reduce the costs of operating them (Antonuccio, 2008). According to Campbell (2011), the privatization of prisons has led to a large number of these facilities falling into the hands of corporations whose main aim is to make a profit above anything else. However, as it is increasingly becoming obvious, private prisons actually end up being more expensive than government-run facilities because while the government is accountable to the public concerning its expenditure when running prisons, the corporations that run prisons are often more accountable to their shareholders than to anyone else (Campbell, 2011). Goldberg (2009, p.7) and Davis (2011, p.113) state that it is essential to make a study of the negative aspects of prison privatization with the aim of coming up with suggestions concerning how this process can be reversed so that taxpayers can spend less on facilities which the government is well able to run itself. Therefore, the study attempts to address the problem of an increase in taxpayer money in payments to private prisons at the expense of compromising the justice system of the nation.
This research attempts to show that through its privatization of prisons, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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