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Good And Bad Points Of Working Part Time Whilst Studying - Essay Example

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Increased financial challenges have forced the majority of the students to seek for part time employment. It has affected students both in negative and positive ways. The paper "Good And Bad Points Of Working Part Time Whilst Studying" detailed analyzes this aspect of students' life…
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Good And Bad Points Of Working Part Time Whilst Studying
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Extract of sample "Good And Bad Points Of Working Part Time Whilst Studying"

Download file to see previous pages Part time work affects student health in a significant way. The study highlights that student health was affected significantly by part time study (Carney, McNeish & McColl 2005). This occurs as the student tried to incorporate working part time and at the same time engage in an undergraduate degree study. In fact, their health status is poor as compared to that of the general population. This also places student lower in terms of physical and mental health. The health challenge is because of enormous pressure such students are exposed. Moreover, some of the working conditions are not suitable for the student health. In the end, most of the students are forced to seek the assistance of health professionals (Carney et al. 2005).
On the other hand, part time work benefits students in various ways. The benefits occur when the student involved with work related to the degree being undertaken. Moreover, part time employment offers students with skills they can use in the interview process. Most of the students taking part in part time jobs concur that it offers them with transferable skills. These skills help in enhancing employability and acquiring skills (Watts & Pickering 2000, P.). This is possible when the part time job is related to the main degree of study. This helps such student to put what they learn at university into workplace practice. On the other hand, part time jobs provide opportunities for students to interact with other people. This is due to an increased number of friends resulting from the work place. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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