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Chicano sociology - Term Paper Example

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At the apex were the Guachpines (Peninsulars) and at the base were Negroes.   Anybody who was not a Guachapine was considered socially and lawfully inferior.  The assignment caste was through baptism by a…
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Chicano sociology
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Download file to see previous pages Mexican independence was sparked by a group led by Father Miguel Hidalgo who was a priest at Dolores. The act of this group was called Cry of Dolores. The other group was the one commanded by José María Morelos a priest and a talented field marshal. Other groups were the ones led by Vicente Guerrero and Guadalupe Victoria. After Spain’s’ departure, Mexico became a nation bothered by political conflicts and economic troubles. The government leaders became dictators. Furthermore, between 1821 to 1867 Mexican administration had 56 administrators. Most changes that occurred in the administration were linked to armed actions ousting an exact government (Keen and Keith, pp147).
The 1824, Mexican constitution was powerfully influenced by United States (US) government. The policies launched the United Mexican States (Estados Unidos Mexicanos). The federal state consisted of nineteen states with the inclusion of four territories. Power was spread amid administrative, governmental, and legal arms of government. Legislative authority was exercised by the governing body and the Deputies’ Chamber, while administrative authority was implemented by the president and their vice president and was to be in office for four-year terms. Despite the constitutional outlook, certain customary privileges were upheld: Roman Catholicism continued to be the official religion, and the fueros were maintained by the forces and clergy, and in nationwide crisis, the president was to apply unlimited authority (Rosales, pp 53). These were some reasons for US invasion of northern Mexico.
The racial hierarchy in the US was similar to the caste system in the New Spain/Mexico because in both the Negros occupied the lowest rank in the hierarchy. Furthermore, the top of the hierarchy was occupied by the light-skinned people. Moreover, the other similarity is that in both one could not move from one rank of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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