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Media and society - Essay Example

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This is through the focus on the growth in sound, print broadcast and new media timeline from papermakers to digital broadcasting. The essay also distinguishes the analytical context on…
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Media and society
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Download file to see previous pages The influence referred to from the media is described as the means by which the forms of media influence the audience leading to certain behaviors in their daily life. There has been an accelerated growth of the media for a couple of years through forms such as the internet and DVDs altering the consumption and receiving of the services. People spend also of time watching, listening and reading media related sources. This has led to the increase in multitasking where individuals use different forms of media at the same time. Media has dominated the contemporary society supplanting the influence of order institutions like religion and education systems.
The way to embrace the significance of media is to imagine the life in the society without the media. There would be no television, no radio, movies, no internet, no computers, no magazines, no books or newspapers. If media were to be expunged from the society, some other things would change completely. It would be impossible to follow sports team in the various sources like newspapers and magazines. We would not have access to any information about the other parts of the world.
The information of the world around us would be out of our realm thus, we would not know what is happening to the other people in the other parts of the world. The absence of media would also alter our self-perception due to lack of television characters, which many of us, compare ourselves against them. However, it is a fact that without the television, recorded music, radio, internet and movies there would be a lot of time left for the individuals. Time would probably be spent while doing other things like interacting, playing music and games for leisure.
People would also take up hobbies through which they can learn new skills in order to pass the time. This would also change the way we interact with others in the present time. Therefore, the absence of media would alter the way of living ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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