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Policy-Making in the Federal System - Research Paper Example

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This paper “Policy-Making in the Federal System” is going to survey the conflicts of Obamacare while evaluating its pros and cons. Obamacare is officially called patient protection and affordable care act PPACA. In short, it is called ACA to stand for affordable care act…
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Download file to see previous pages Obamacare is a good policy it raises federalism issues in various ways. The mandate of the federal government was the power-sharing notion. This means the s that the states each can set the rules of its governance rather than be forced into rules that do not apply to them at the local level. However, Obamacare has been seen by local heads as coercing all the states to follow is strict rules this is deemed unconditional. Furthermore, the federal dollars was used as an incentive to coax governors to go along with the policy. Governors feel like they have to embrace the policy or destroy their indemnity markets. Obamacare sure has a lot of pros than cons but either way it is conflicting. The pros of Obamacare are that it gives more time for young adults since they are allowed to be under their parents care until they reach 26b years old. Obamacare does not prejudice people based on health status thus nobody is denied coverage. Furthermore, the policy does not terminate you when you fall sick. Obamacare is an equal insurance and not discriminatory on gender. The best part is that more people are insured because the policy insists that large companies must insure their staff. Moreover, Obamacare has set rules regarding insurance companies from hiking their rates. And finally, this policy gives the insured rights to have the quick appeal of insurance company decisions while covering millions of people. The cons to this policy are that Obamacare insist on covering even sick people and this means high costs for everybody covered. Moreover, the money needed to cover the millions of people come from taxes, this means that taxes must be hiked. Many people have had to change their policy or had them canceled by their respective companies. This is because they did not meet the policy’s ten essential health benefits. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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