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Marginalization in Haiti, Peru, Russian - Term Paper Example

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This paper takes the position that the people of Peru, Haiti and the Russian Federation are marginalized for more than one reason and that there is not one dominant form of marginalization. The three countries have a growing number of people facing two kinds of marginalization.  …
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Marginalization in Haiti, Peru, Russian
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Extract of sample "Marginalization in Haiti, Peru, Russian"

Download file to see previous pages The Russian Federation, Haiti, and Peru are classified as developing countries, which is mainly due to the unevenness of their respective people’s access to national resources. There are small numbers of extremely rich and powerful individuals enjoying the national wealth while a large group of the populations remain marginalized and kept aloof from the resources and political power. 
Regardless, the former kind of marginalization is manifested in the three countries, especially among members of the middle-class segment of the populations. The population segment face marginalization in terms of access to higher education, comprehensive medical care, proper nutrition, and adequate housing due to poor paying jobs and lack of adequate training. However, some members of the group enjoy food stamps, fair-priced housing, universal elementary education, and access to emergency health care. However, these safety nets are inadequate and are usually overstretched by other pressures such as overpopulation. For instance, constant natural disasters such as floods have usually exposed substantial numbers of Haitian middle-class, for instance, to the problem of overstretched rescue teams and medical resources (Kidder Chapter 3). Certainly, these populations live in extremely trying situations and feel marginalized by the fewer more, affluent members of the society. On the other hand, abject poverty which is the focus of the protagonist and his community is attributed to a lack of any safety net for vast populations. The group is represented by the lower-class populations of Russia, Haiti, and Peru who cannot access footwear, safe water for drinking, basic education and health care (Kidder Chapters 4 and 5). In addition, those who are in abject poverty are completely marginalized in terms of access to housing as evidenced in inadequate floor area, leaking roofs, improper furniture, and walls or other finishing.  
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