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Iraq - Assignment Example

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Summary: Iraq’s preparation for an offensive retake of the northern city of Mosul from Islamic State (IS) is an indication that they are committed in liberating and protecting its territorial boarders with a minimum of casualties.
Development: Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider…
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Iraq: International helps likely to help Iraq liberate Mosul Summary: Iraq’s preparation for an offensive retake of the northern city of Mosul from Islamic State (IS) is an indication that they are committed in liberating and protecting its territorial boarders with a minimum of casualties.
Development: Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi categorically said that they are planning an offensive on Mosul, which was a home to over one million people, in a bid to liberate it from the Islamic State. Mr. Abadi, over the times, has been a little bit frustrated by the slowness of international help in fighting against IS. However, the situation has changed for the better thus indicating that the international community is committed to helping nations protect themselves against external attacks. However, the PM did not state the exact time the offensive might be launched. He said the timing depends on “our own preparation” and “the situation on the ground”. With the help of US-led coalition air strikes, soldiers as well as allied Shia militiamen have the coordination needed to retake territory north of Baghdad.
Analysis: Mr. Abadi’s actions indicate that he wants to run Iraq unemotionally and rationally as he managed hi engineering firm while in exile in the UK. He wants to be non-discriminative as his predecessor who only pushed for the sectarian interests of the Shia population and ignored Sunni population. He is committed to ending sectarianism and governing in the best interests of the entire Iraq. He is likely to win the battle because Islamic state no longer inspires the terror it once did. The close coordination between Iraqi security forces, civilian volunteer fighters, the US army and the Peshmerga is likely to make the operation a success. Mr. Abadi is certain that Iraq will be able to liberate Mosul without any problems or friction in that sense.
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