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Why All Children Should Play Team Sports - Research Paper Example

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This paper will seek to show team sports are beneficial to children, as their benefits not only encompass physical benefits, but also a number of important life skills. The writer of the research suggests that their benefits not only encompass physical benefits, but also a number of important life skills…
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Why All Children Should Play Team Sports
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Extract of sample "Why All Children Should Play Team Sports"

Download file to see previous pages One of the benefits that are commonly attributed to team sports is that such sporting activities teach children how they can best work well with others. As long as they are on a team, team sports teach children that it is imperative for them to think as a whole instead of just themselves as individuals (Dunlap, 24). They are able to learn how to be happy or their teammates’ successes in addition to their own; this is because every person’s success is of great benefit to the team. A team sport can teach children how to interact with their peers and instills in them the value of respecting their coaches and fellow teammates. They are also able to learn empathy for others. Playing team sports is an avenue through which children can be able to learn from a number of other positive mentors other than their parents. While on a team, children are able to learn how to respect the coach and honor his final decision. By noticing the various strengths that each individual player is able to bring to the team, children are able to learn how to respect and appreciate each other’s talents. This sense of teamwork, organization and following skilled leaders not only helps children in the classroom but also in their work as they continue to grow.
Another benefit that children stand to benefit from as a result of participating in team sporting activities is that even though their athletic prowess might not be quite impressive, children that participate in team sporting activities are often more likely to be hardworking, active students and better future leaders. This is because organized athletics often require that these children learn how to lead others and be disciplined during practice. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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