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In the paper “What Is The Most Important Thing In Socialism?” the author analyzes a cultural system, which refers to the way in which a culture model itself based on equality and classlessness. The modern society has misused the term cultural socialism by enhancing capitalism at the expense of socialism…
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What Is The Most Important Thing In Socialism
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Download file to see previous pages Socialism also at the time revolutionary in nature as most of the socialist society tends to be dynamic. In revolutionary socialism, a socialist society comes up with new ways of doing things and improving on the existing ones while ensuring that the common good stands. In modern society, there is false consciousness about socialism as many societies use democracy to imply socialism (Steger, 80). In socialism, there is the idea of common ownership and the issue of sharing properties, but in democracy, capitalism sets in and it is only a few influential personalities who own properties. The influential people normally sway the masses and at the end of the day, it looks like the common good are prevailing. In reality, the few individuals get their way. This is the false consciousness that modern society holds on socialism.
Politically, one of the leading fathers of socialism is Karl Marx. In his argument, Karl Marx believed that capitalism was responsible for the exploitation of the various workers and citizens around the world. He was of the idea that a social revolution was the way out when it comes to dealing with capitalism. Marx saw the class system in society as a factor leading to alienation and hindering the freedom of citizens (Marx and Friedrich 89). He believed that a social-political system where the political power rested with the community and private ownership of properties existed was all that a society needed to realize the freedom from capitalism. However, this argument of a revolution does not hold always as some agents and parties normally take advantage and in the presence of championing the common good revolt for their own personal interests (Nicholls 79). Therefore, in as much as revolutionary socialism is effective in political liberation, caution must be taken when implementing it. The two major stages according to Marx is where the class is retained, but then the goods are commonly owned and the second stage is where the class is fully abolished and the state becomes unnecessary leading to a utopian society. This may lead to anarchy and lawlessness in the end (Kropotkin et al. 102). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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