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Drugs and Substance Abuse - Essay Example

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The paper “Drugs and Substance Abuse” will focus on drugs and substance abuse, which has been one of the main influences that has derailed most youths and even the older men and women of The Mobley community, suppressing the otherwise strong work force…
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Download file to see previous pages This has affected, in an adverse way, the anticipated economic gains that would have been made in the area. For the past 5 years, this wave of destruction has swept through the county of Mobley in spite of the public protests and demonstrations her residents have conducted. MADAAT has recorded successful initiatives over the last three years with more than 2700 persons rehabilitated and the rate of drug and substance abuse decreased by 30%.
This will be a great event and a lot of activities will take place. There will be football and volleyball tournaments, debates on how to curb alcohol and drug abuse, free counseling on alcohol and substance abuse and training on how to counsel and care for drug addicts to help them rehabilitate.
Mobley has lost about 300 very young and energetic youths due to drug abuse annually, according to MADAAT Secretary General, Mr. Godwin Brooke. “We urge the Mobley’s vast society, whether affected or otherwise, to try and come for the organized event. We further encourage all the individuals that wish to participate in any of the activities of the big day, to apply and submit their applications on-line through our website,” MADAAT Organizing Secretary said on his speech while addressing the students at Mobley College for Business Studies. “This event will add a lot of force to the fight against drug and substance abuse in Mobley. We target to achieve a decrement in this disaster practice by 10-15% by the end of this year,” he added.
The Mobley Alcohol and Drug Abuse Awareness team was found and initially made up of 28 members from The Ashleigh University Christian Union, Mobley. Today, it is a well organized fraternity of men and women across the Mobley County; persons with common interests and beliefs to curb this monster that threatens to tear Mobley apart. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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