How Raising a Child with High Self-Esteem Leads to Raising Narcissism - Essay Example

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This essay shows how raising a child with high self-esteem leads to raising narcissism. It also shows how high self-esteem leads to lousy performance and the fact that they cannot combine well. The essay achieves this by focusing on the article’s effective argument…
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How Raising a Child with High Self-Esteem Leads to Raising Narcissism
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Download file to see previous pages There are different levels of self-esteem as manifested by different individuals. Encounters, events, physical looks, achievements and other factors affect self-esteem levels. Additionally, although self-esteem is an internal thing, many people have been showing their self-esteem in different ways. On the hand, narcissism is a feeling of indifference, selfishness, egoism, or elitism to the disadvantage of others. There have been various definitions of the relationship between self-esteem and narcissism. 
There is a link between high self-esteem and narcissism. While having self-esteem is very fundamental in the growth of any child, parents know that egoism that closes relates to narcissism is detrimental. It is arguably true that people with high self-esteem are generally narcissist. This is because, most of the people with high self -esteem show it and would like everybody to recognize them. Indeed the issue is always about them, their achievements, character, their well-being, their interests, and such. Actually, raising a child with high self-esteem will always lead them to show their ego, elitism, indifference, and selfless as they believe they are the best and such everybody should praise them. Indeed, high self-esteem promotes narcissism. However, this correlation does not exist explicitly since in countries like Asia issues of self and ego do not surface from childhood. However, in America, where the children feel they are superior to other children in the world, raising high achievers will create narcissist. Indeed, a survey from San Diego State University notes that too much self-regard/high-esteem has resulted in college campuses full of narcissists. On the contrary, people with low self-esteem will value themselves less in the society and as such will not have the guts to brag, remain indifferent, or exercise selfless since they would fear critics. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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