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The Importance of Money and Its Power in the Modern World - Essay Example

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This paper aims to define what is important to me and how I realized the significant role of it in my life. Moreover, it provides an account of the event that helped me realize the actual worth of it in the life of other people. I always knew the importance of money and its power in the modern world…
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The Importance of Money and Its Power in the Modern World
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Extract of sample "The Importance of Money and Its Power in the Modern World"

Download file to see previous pages I always knew the importance of money and its power in the modern world. I have always been conscious of having the best thing out of the list. Of course, nothing can be bought without spending money today. I used to spend a lot on shopping, eating, gaming and partying. However, I always knew that it is ‘money’ that buys me everything. I used to be a spendthrift and was not much conscious about the amount that I used to spend on things and friends. I never thought that there might be some people living in bad circumstances who might not be able to meet their necessities even. I being a person of a selfish nature did not ever pay enough heed to the necessities of other people and went on living my life so that I made the most of it. Once my friend commented on my way of leading life by saying ‘Do you ever think of saving money as you would not be left with anything when you’d need this money later onwards in your life? And I sarcastically replied ‘The best way of saving money is to forget who you borrowed it from'. A group project to a slum (bad housing) in 11th grade brought a great twist in my life. During the project, I met people who were facing severe difficulties and were fighting every day to get access to food, clothing and other needs. The places in which these individuals resided were in such a bad condition that a disease would spread with the speed of light in the vicinities. Sanitation and health facilities were not adequate enough to provide them with the basis of a healthy life. Education was yet another factor in that area as the children there could not even get to study. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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