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Reflection on Development of the Personal Character - Essay Example

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The purpose of the current essay is to describe a retrospective look at one's personal development and path of self-improvement as a human being in general. Therefore, the essay discusses the features of good character and how they are to be acquired…
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Reflection on Development of the Personal Character
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Download file to see previous pages My personal experiences have taught me that true character and strength develop most deeply when an individual is encountering opposition.
For me personally, I can’t say that all of my characters have been developed in the crucible of affliction. I believe that the first lessons in character I learned were learned through watching the examples of adults that surrounded me and being taught explicitly how to become a person of integrity. In some ways, I would like this to the butterfly before it struggles to even emerge. I can still remember witnessing significant adults in my life displaying good character by returning money to a cashier that had been given to them by mistake, making good on promised gifts or rewards and apologizing to others when they were found to be in the wrong. I was not an active participant in these displays of good character, but I was witness to them. In this way, I feel they prepared me to stand up by displaying good character when it was my turn to be tempted to take the easy way out.
Looking back a few years, I can see how difficult it is to have good character when in the throes of puberty and adolescence. I can recall such a drive to find the easiest way out of everything when I was in 7th or 8th grade. I found it so easy to lie about an assignment or to tell a half-truth to my parents to avoid punishment. It seemed to me that the whole world was a thousand shades of grey and that right and wrong didn’t really matter. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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