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Methods of Data Collection - Assignment Example

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This paper "Methods of Data Collection" focuses on the data collection which is so critical in any form of a research study. This is not accurate can affect the study results and probably might lead to poor results. Methods of data collection for impact evaluation normally vary along a continuum.  …
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Methods of Data Collection
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Extract of sample "Methods of Data Collection"

Download file to see previous pages In a structured interview, there are set of questions that are asked by the researcher and there is nothing more than this. (Leedy,1997).
Face -to -face interview data collection method has a distinct advantage that enables the researcher to come up with a report that has potential participants. Hence this makes him able to gain their cooperation. In survey research, this interview produces the highest response rates. It also enables the researcher to be able to clarify answers that are ambiguous, seek follow-up information and when appropriate. Some of the limitations include time-consuming, expensive and impractical when large samples are used. (Leedy,1997).
Telephone interviews method of data collection are less expensive and less time consuming and the researcher has easy access to anyone in the world with a telephone. The limitations are that the rate of response is not that high as that of the face-to-face interview but relatively higher as compared to the mailed questionnaire. There may be biases in the sample whereby the persons with no phones are included in the population where the researcher wants to draw inferences from.
Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing involves personal interviewing, whereby the interviewer comes along with a hand-held computer or a laptop to enter the information directly into the database instead of completing a questionnaire. This data collection method saves time during data processing. It also saves the interviewer from having hundreds of questionnaires. However, on the other hand, this method of data collection can be expensive to set up and needs the interviewers to have a computer as well as typing skills (Markham, 2004).
Questionnaires normally make use of rating scales and Checklist. These devices usually help in quantifying and simplifying peoples attitudes and behaviours. A checklist is a list of characteristics, behaviours or other entities which the researcher is interested in.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Methods of Data Collection Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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