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Pseudoscience and Astrology - Essay Example

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In the paper “Pseudoscience and Astrology” the author analyzes the border line between scientific and non-scientific knowledge. From the viewpoint of modern academic knowledge, astrology is a pseudoscience. Astrology is condemned by most scientists, lacks consistent rules and causal theory. …
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Pseudoscience and Astrology
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Extract of sample "Pseudoscience and Astrology"

Download file to see previous pages The scientists are willing to admit that only a part of traditional astrological doctrine is scientifically based: among them the astronomic knowledge about the planets movements; classification of people’s psychological states, character and behaviours; professional psychological terminology, etc.
Trying to prove that astrology is pseudoscience, the scientists in their critical works often rely upon the results of various statistical research. There have been statistical research that traced the lives of people who were born on the same day and time, and the results of this research have shown that there is no connection or coincidence between them. Especially well known are the works of Michel Gauquelin basing on the biographies of famous people that have shown that there is no correlation between a person’s character and profession, on the one hand, and their astrological parameters, on the other. There have been other experiments conducted by M. Gauquelin:
Other tests show that it hardly matters what a horoscope says, as long as the subject feels the interpretations were done for him or her personally. A few years ago French statistician Michel Gauquelin sent the horoscope for one of the worst mass murderers in French history to 150 people and asked how well it fit them. Ninety-four percent of the subjects said they recognized themselves in the description. (The Universe At Your Fingertips, 2001-2009) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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