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The Mystery Lights Seen Near Marfa, Texas: Space Aliens or Simply Gas - Essay Example

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This essay covers two controversial theories about the mystery basketball-sized balls of light near Marfa, Texas, that have been observed on hundreds of locations by thousand of people. Conspirology alien theories as well as the most often-cited scientific explanation were discussed in this essay…
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The Mystery Lights Seen Near Marfa, Texas: Space Aliens or Simply Gas
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Extract of sample "The Mystery Lights Seen Near Marfa, Texas: Space Aliens or Simply Gas"

Download file to see previous pages This essay researches the famous Texas phenomenon, that has two controversial theories about it. The mystery basketball-sized balls of light near Marfa, Texas, have been observed on hundreds of locations by thousand of people, from 1883, and the first published accounts from the scientific community started in the mid-1940s.
Conspirology alien theories as well as the most often-cited scientific explanation, made by respected physicists were explained in this essay.

The lights are most often observed during dusk and right after the sun has set. Their variable nature makes it hard for both believers and skeptics to prove they exist or don’t exist. It all depends on how you look at it, both from where you literally stand and philosophically stand. They sometimes streak across the sky, sometimes hover in groups, and sometimes merge into each other and dance away. Efforts have been made to triangulate their positions (both by believers and skeptics), the land over which they appear is privately owned and the owners do not appreciate trespassers, like many folks from Texas.

Larger part of this essay describes not only he lights, but also two opposite meanings about it. The most common scientific explanation for the nature of the strange balls of light seen near Marfa, Texas comes from experiments performed by several members of the Society of Physics Students from the University of Texas in 2005.

In conclusion this essay suggests that perhaps the lights are not so mysterious after all, since they are well-known in the space alien community. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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