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Scientific Standing of Alfred Russell Wallace - Essay Example

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This essay describes Alfred Russell Wallace, who devoted most of his life in studying the problems of the species. He was considered to be an expert in biogeography which specialises in the formulation of distribution of animal species and the term ‘Wallace’s line’…
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Scientific Standing of Alfred Russell Wallace
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Download file to see previous pages This essay describes the researchers and scientific standings of Alfred Russell Wallace. Today, scientists have firmly asserted that all phenomena have scientific explanations and thus can be replicated through scientific methodology. Science has indeed become one the strong pillars of knowledge which has helped mankind achieve such human feats which have made life comfortable. Alfred Russell Wallace devoted most of his life in studying the problems of the species. He studied 125,600 specimens and found nearly 1000 new species in the 8 years that he spent in Borneo. He was considered to be an expert in biogeography which specialises in the formulation of distribution of animal species and the term ‘Wallace’s line’ a boundary that separates species invasion from Asia and Australia is still popularly used in scientific arena. Wallace wrote 22 books and 747 essays, articles and papers in his lifetime. It is stated that 508 of the 747 essays and articles were of scientific research which clearly proclaim Wallace’s scientific achievement and the scientific temperament which his fraternity does not fully acknowledges. The scientific establishment of that era was not much amused by the revelations of Wallace. The researcher then concluds that it was the time when ‘scientific heroes’ were created, who rejoiced in unravelling the mysteries of the world and which not only provided people with the new lifestyle comforts but their discoveries and inventions went on to take them to the status of God literally. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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