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Petroleum - Lab Report Example

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Petroleum was formed by the decay of buried animals and plants long time ago (Hart, 101). In places where buried animals and plants lied above sedimentary rocks, the decayed material (liquid) could not seep through. Hence, this liquid remained there for ages as deposits…
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Extract of sample "Petroleum"

Download file to see previous pages The compounds with lower boiling points rise faster and higher on the column while those with higher boiling points evaporate slower and do not reach the top of the tower (the vapours condense on the lower trays). The distillation process separates the constituents of the crude oil on the basis of their difference in their boiling point. Refinery gas, (methane, ethane, propane and butane) is removed as a composite gas mixture on the top of the column (Figure 1 and Table 1). The second fraction, naphtha/gasoline, boils in the range of 40-180oC. As the other fractions have higher boiling points, they collect on the lower trays.
Cracking converts heavy fractions from the primary distillation into more useful compounds. For example, when C11H24 is cracked, C9H20 and C2H4 are obtained (Hill, G.C and Holman, J.C, 400-401). C9H20 can be used as gasoline, but more importantly C2H4 can be used as a starting material for the manufacture of products such as plastics, alcohol, diols etc. The cracking process also provides more useful branched-chain alkanes.
Catalytic cracking is a process in which long chain alkanes are converted into hydrocarbons of lower molecular weights by the mediation of catalysts at fairly high temperatures. The catalysts normally consist of Al2O3-SiO2 mixtures (Brown, T.L, LeMay, H.E and Bursten, B.E., 947).
Platforming is a process in which linear alkanes are converted into aromatic hydrocarbons. For example, heptane can be converted into toluene in the presence of catalytic amount platinum (Hart, 103).
6 marks
4. The naphtha fraction from the primary distillation is a starting point of the Petrochemical Industry. List 3 useful chemicals that are made from this fraction stating the uses to which they are put.
6 marks
Hexane: solvent and fuel
Heptane: Fuel
Octane: Fuel

5. Briefly describe ONE potential source of damage to the environment caused by the Petroleum Industry.
4 marks
Crude oil spillage is catastrophic for the environment. It is very rare that an oil tanker spills large quantities of crude oil, but when it does, a large area of the sea gets contaminated by the thick black fluid. Fish, birds, aquatic plants and even mammals living in affected areas suffer from a major oil spillage. Even though the spillage areas are cleaned, a good part of the crude oil remains in the affected areas during several years, which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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British Petroleum

...n global oil consumption slowed although robust growth continued in China and other non OECD countries. Despite the slowdown average prices of crude oil were however higher as compared to previous years (BP-a, 2012). BP facts and figure indicates a stable growth where its sales and operating revenue stood at 83,400. The core brands of BP are Castrol, Arco, ampm, Aral and Wild bean cafe (BP, 2012). The paper deals with the above mentioned organization, British Petroleum and discusses the organization in much more detail in order to analyze the company structure its work process, the strategy the organization is currently following and future plan along with its competitive advantage which keeps the company ahead of its competitors....
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..., light gas oils, heavy gas oils and similar oil products. These products are cooled as mentioned above and are then sent for storage before they are either transported for use or are processed further to produce even lighter fractions of oil. (Beychok, 1967) The separation of crude oil into lighter fractions often produces four distinct categories of oils. These are light distillates, middle distillate, heavy distillates and miscellaneous distillates. Light distillates are composed of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), gasoline (or better known as petrol), kerosene, jet oil fuel and other kinds of aircraft fuels. The middle distillates are generally composed of diesel (both for use in automobiles and rail road engines), residential use heating...
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Petroleum Engineering

...between ideas and physical reality (Lyons& Gary 12). Petroleum falls in the category of minerals used by people or humanity for many years. For a couple of decades ago, people used materials or minerals where they referred to them by different names such as oil from rocks, shining water, and sweat of devil. Some of the names have been in place for several years such as naphtha and petros (Lyons& Gary 17). In Greek, Petros stands for rock while in Roman it means oil or petroleum. For many years, surface springs and tar pits have been the only source of oil or petroleum. However, this argument has not been reliable because most people look for petrol beneath the earth’s surface. For...
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... of demand and also the cross price elasticity of demand. Price Elasticity of Demand and Effect of Increasing Petrol Prices Price elasticity of demand is the measure of percentage change in prices on the percentage change in quantity demanded of a certain product. 1 Price Elasticity of demand is a negative ratio as there is a negative relation between price and quantity demanded. In simple terms, common sense suggests that if price of certain product increases then people will tend to buy less of that product. Hence, as petroleum prices have increased over the time people have moved towards alternative forms of fuel efficient and consumption patterns. The determinants of price elasticity of demand include: 1. the number and closeness...
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British Petroleum

... collapsed but BP did not (Heiss, 1997). Indeed, not only did BP survive the collapse of colonialism but it expanded its global operations, effectively maintained its status as one of the world's top oil and gas multinationals. In recent years, however, BP's status was threatened by industrial accidents which, consequent to their detrimental environmental effects, turned public opinion against the company. Survival, evidenced in the fact that it did re-bounce, was predicated on the successful revamping of BP's image. With the dawn of the new millennium, British Petroleum's problems reached the point of crisis. Its environmental and human rights records were placed in the spotlight and subjected to public scrutiny, with the outcome being...
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British petroleum

... the income of a subsidiary that is part of a parent company. The group balance sheet is the result of the entire company. The company is a subsidiary that reflects the result of a business segment of the firm. The financial statements of British Petroleum illustrated in its latest annual report only reflect the results of the group or the parent company. 4) a) Total Assets 2011 = $293,068 million Total Liabilities 2011 = $180,586 million Assets – Liabilities (2011) = $112,482 million b) The assets minus liability equation can be interpreted as a liquidity ratio. A more specific evaluation of short term liquidity would occur by subtracting the current assets against the current liabilities. The accounting equation states that assets equal...
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British Petroleum

... of Mexico With reference to the studies conducted by Vassiliou (2009), it is of essence to first note that British Petroleum (BP) is British multinational Oil and Gas Company, which has established its operations in over eighty countries across the World. Additionally, the company is ranked as the third largest energy company in the World and the fourth largest company in the word in terms of revenue earned. Norse and Amos (2010) in their writings stated that on the 20th of April 2010, there was an explosion at the coast of Louisiana, which originated from BP’s deep-sea petroleum rig that was used for drilling purposes. Following the explosion, the rig burnt down for more than thirty hours before it finally sank into the deep sea...
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Petroleum engineering

...of engineering which deals with the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gases. The petroleum engineer’s job begins after a geologist’s exploration of the site, and then the petroleum engineer aims to extract the liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons from the earth’s porous rocks under high pressure. Petroleum engineer should also have a good grip on various other subjects in order to achieve the complete command on the issues such as drilling, geophysics, petroleum geology, well logging, economics of petroleum, reservoir engineering, computer simulations etc (ELC, 2014). Petroleum engineering field was first introduced in...
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Petroleum Energy in CHINA

...rather comply with the world oil prices. The price of gasoline was first moderated in the year 1993, and then in 1994, 1998, 2003 and in 2009 with the implementation of many transformations. In general, the administration or the government usually erects a foundation of price of the crude oil on a non-uniform basis according to the weighted accumulative price change of various international exchanges such as the Minas, the New York, and the Brent. There are two main oil companies in the State of China namely the China Petrochemical Corporation and the China National Petroleum Corporation are given the mandate to set the ex-plant prices that are the wholesale and retail prices. The two corporations sell to the provincial petroleum...
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Key Success Factors analysis of British Petroleum

Also, the paper will look at this initiative of bp from a critical point of view, thus making recommendations to improve the firm's competitive position.
British Petroleum, a British oil, and energy company got the strength and also a brand change when it ‘merged’ or ‘acquired’ with the American company, Amoco. According to the official version, British Petroleum merged with the Amoco Corporation (Amoco), forming bp Amoco in August 1998. “In 1998, Amoco and bp announced that they had merged, combining their worldwide operations into a single organization. Overnight, the new company, bp Amoco, became the largest producer of both oil and natural gas in the US.”( Then as an exercise to...
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The Impact of E-Business on Oil Industry - Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

...stablished joint venture of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (now BP) and Gulf Oil (now Chevron Corporation. The oil industry in Kuwait has experienced tremendous developments both in upstream as well as in down-stream fronts of the industry. The growth and development thrust of KOC has entailed the running of refining operations with the Mina AL-Ahmadi Refinery since 1949. Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) was established in 1960 as a joint venture between the state and private sector and started operations at the Shuaiba Refinery in 1968. The Petrochemicals Industries Company (PIC) was founded in 1963. The company was also founded as a government-private entity and began operations in 1964 in fertilizer manufacturing. Kuwait has...
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British Petroleum Company

... at the end of the year and dividends in return. Contrarily, it is the obligation of the stakeholders to demand some form of repayment for the use of resources, land and talent for that very profit. Purpose This paper will examine the Corporate Social Responsibility practices of British Petroleum Company to see how socially responsible and upright this company has been over the years and in which areas it is lagging behind. British Petroleum has been the recipient of mixed reviews from recognized institutions for a very long time. With some calling it among the most socially responsible companies to those that call it one of the worst companies of the year, BP has seen it all. Whether it has emerged the winner or not, after this grueling...
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Management of British Petroleum

... advantage during recessions’ (Santoro et al., 2009, 435). Towards the same direction it is made clear by Pearce et al. (1997) that recession can threaten the survival of firms but the measures taken for the limitation of its effects on businesses are often inadequate – referring only to ‘cutbacks and retrenchment while other initiatives, like marketing, should be promoted’ (Pearce et al., 1997, 301). Current study focus on a particular organization, the British Petroleum (BP); emphasis is made on the plans that this firm has developed in order to face current recession (Seager, 2010); the effectiveness of these plans is also explored and evaluated. Therefore, the study’s aims and objectives are related with the exploration and analysis...
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Organisational Behaviour in Beyond Petroleum

... Alco and Amoco companies which were the two main oil industry participants (Roberts, 2005). BP Logix Process Director and Workflow Director possessed influential workflow management software capable to manage the crucial business processes. This system is the important components of the lean BPM which offer the organization automated design processes, not changing the employees’ procedure to conduct their business. This software was mainly designed for the business users so that it allows the organization to effortlessly model their approval and the review process. The BP Logix workflow engine allows tasks, forms as well as documents to be mechanically routed in line with defined the business process. British Petroleum is a vertically...
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Communications in the Case of the Oil Spill of British Petroleum Drilling Rig

... manner. This approach is critical when it comes to dealing with the news media, employees, and the community at large. An example of a crisis situation that has appeared in the media recently was the oil spill at the British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico, which started on April 20, 2010, after an explosion. Eleven workers who were on the platform at the time were killed in the accident. Seventeen more were injured. Unfortunately, it was not until the spill flowed for more than three months did the company effectively deal with the flow. It was not until July 15 that the well was capped, after it had leaked approximately 4.9 million barrels, or 185 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico...
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The Major British Petroleum Activities, Its Sustainable Policies and Future Projects

....). Great Britain, being a place of BP’s corporate headquarters, is a centre for trading, legal, financial and other mainstream business operations (British Petroleum, Where We Operate, n.d.). Mapping the business activity of BP geographically, it has been summarized that exploration and production activity: in Africa is mainly focused on Egypt, Angola and Algeria; in Asia – Indonesia, China, Pakistan and Vietnam; in Australasia – Australia; also in Columbia and Venezuela (British Petroleum, Where We Operate, n.d.). In China, BP holds a leadership position in Liquefied Natural Gas and in India the BP Solar has a manufacturing plant. Additionally, major retail operations on oil products and lubricants...
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Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

...objectives was to control international oil prices and enforce standard international oil export regulations. The second objective was to ensure appropriate supply of petroleum products to various countries all over the world. In the present day, OPEC has member states adding up to twelve. Even though OPEC came into existence in 1960, it did not have control over oil prices and production until the year 1973. OPEC was then able to make decisions concerning oil production unlike in the past when productuion of oil was at the discretion of oil companies. By deciding on the amount of oil to produce, OPEC determines oil revenue and controls oil export related tarrifs. OPEC set the standard pricing policy during the 1970s by...
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How the Petroleum Wealth Shapes the Development of Nations

..., accepted books, and pearly reviewed journals to support its arguments. Its conclusion is based from these arguments. In some paragraphs, the word oil is used in place of petroleum. Keywords: Petroleum, wealth, oil revenues, democracy, economic growth and political institutions. The oil curse: how the Petroleum Wealth shapes the Development of Nations Introduction The battle has been going on for a long time. As European nations sought to outmuscle each other economically, a reality dawned. None of them would be an economic giant without the much sought after mineral resources. For one, through exploration, they discovered a source of minerals in the new world and what was originally known as the “dark continent.” This promoted...
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Shell Petroleum Company Limited, United Kingdom

... itself as a successful company in the industry. Since its withdrawal from the Global Climate Coalition lobby group in1998, Shell Petroleum Company has strived to promote itself as a green company that cares about environmental pollution. The oil sector in the United Kingdom accounts for approximately 13.3 % of FTSE 100 [1]. In the United Kingdom, Shell Petroleum Company is ranked among the largest players in this oil industry. Shell Petroleum Company is one of the barometer companies of the United Kingdom’s economy. Therefore its failures and successes are likely to be reflected in economy of the United Kingdom (, 2014). Shell Oil Company contributes very much to the United Kingdom, not just by delivering energy, but also...
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