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Shinto Shrine as One of the Most Common Sacred Spaces Among Religious Groups - Essay Example

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The author of the paper will begin with the statement that many cultures have sacred spaces that consume a considerable amount of resources. Sacred spaces are spectacular and impressive permanent monolithic buildings created by human beings to represent their religious beliefs…
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Shinto Shrine as One of the Most Common Sacred Spaces Among Religious Groups
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Download file to see previous pages Shinto Shrine is a sacred space designed for worship purpose of the Shinto groups of Japan. Shinto is an indigenous religious group professed by the people of Japan and it involves action-based religious beliefs and practices (Breen and Teeuwen 2000). Ritual practices are practiced by this religious group diligently to connect between modern Japan and ancient Japan. It is a traditional religion of Japan as opposed to modern Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. Shinto involves the worship of Kami, which refers to divinity, spirits or sacred essence. These sacred essences and divinities include animals, rivers, trees, rocks, and places. Shinto people believe that people and Kami are inseparable (Hardacre 1986). Therefore, Shinto uses the Shinto shrines to meet and worship the Kami as a way of demonstrating their sacred life and beliefs.
The design of Shinto Shrines also shows the architectural style of Japanese history, which reveals values, beliefs, and practices of the Shinto. At the front, there is a Japanese gate consisting of two upright bars and two crossbars that show the separation between common space and sacred space (Hardacre 1986). These gates are known as torii, and they exist in twenty styles that match the buildings and the enshrined Kami and lineage. Therefore, the Shinto shrine reflects the sacred worship of Kami by the Shinto from the gate.
The Shinto shrine also reflects the beliefs of the Shinto people who worship there through various symbolic and real barriers between the normal world and the shrine space. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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