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World Religion - Essay Example

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Describing a religious tradition can be a challenging undertaking because there is no straightforward, easy description that can apply to all religious traditions. Every society has some kind of religious tradition. However, the huge number of different religious traditions can…
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World Religion
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Download file to see previous pages Religious teachings are the tenets and wisdom communicated and transmitted from generations to generations that explain and depict basic moral codes, values and belief system of a religious tradition. These can be communicated through different forms of narratives like myths. Religious teachings can be transmitted verbally or inscribed in sacred texts (Matthews, 2012). Religious teachings try to express, explain, and promote an appreciation of the sacred texts to its adherents. For example, the Igbo communities of Nigeria believe that the Earth should be revered and that it is made up of several distinct dimensions. On the other hand, in Christian religions, the fundamental belief is centered on the teachings and life of Jesus Christ (Matthews, 2012).
In essence, religious tradition is composed of religious teachings that talk about its beliefs about the world and the position of human beings in it. Beliefs and value systems are shared and observed by the members. Stories that depict these beliefs are recited, either orally or written. Core myths are an important part in the life of Krishna—the Hindu deity— the death and rebirth of Jesus Christ, Buddha’s enlightenment, and so on (Eastman, 1999). Religion is a set of traditions based on an understanding of the sacred. Ethics are generally believed as manifested by the supernatural domain, yet can also be seen as socially created rules (Edwards, 1995). Emotional experiences related to religious traditions are harmony, ecstasy, commitment, piety, reverence, awe, and guilt.
A religious tradition also has practices like worship, prayer, pilgrimage, ritual, and so on. For instance, Muslims rinse themselves before prayer; Jews conduct their ritual cleansing using water; and Christians perform baptisms through water immersion. Dusts are also used and valued among religious traditions, which symbolize the spirit domain and death. Indigenous religions use ashes in their dance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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World Religion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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