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The Use of the Many Names of God - Research Proposal Example

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A paper "The Use of the Many Names of God" outlines that throughout history, the concept of God has become so broad interpretively that multiple religions and ethnicities have turned to worship the very same God with as many names as He has followers…
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The Use of the Many Names of God
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Extract of sample "The Use of the Many Names of God"

Download file to see previous pages “Master”, “King of Kings”, “Holy One”, “Heavenly Father”, “Creator”, “Allah”, “Savior”, and even the “man upstairs”. The names of God, however, have a rich and lengthy history with multicultural influences. In looking at the Bible, particularly the Old Testament, one will derive more than just a few names for God. In fact, the names used in reference to God in the Old Testament will often serve as a euphemism pertinent to His interpreted accomplishments and personalities at the time of the name being used. The first is Elohim which is used 7500 times throughout the Old Testament and translates to mean Creator, Preserver, mighty, strong and transcendent. El Shaddai is also a common Old Testament name for God which translates to “God all-sufficient”. The name Ikanos translates to “all-sufficient” and is also seen in the Old Testament. Adonai is a word of God which means Master or Lord. One particular Hebrew name which is quite common for God in the Bible is the name Jehovah. This particular name is often paired with another word which explains characters of God as Jehovah merely means God or Lord. The following are examples of the different names for God which begin with the word Jehovah: Jehovah Jireh - “the Lord will provide”, Jehovah Rophe - “Lord who heals”, Jehovah Nissi - “The Lord our barrier”, Jehovah -Mkaddesh - “”the Lord who sanctifies”, Jehovah-Shalom “the Lord our peace”, Jehovah- Elohim -“Lord God”“ Jehovah -Tsidkenu “the Lord our righteousness” Jehova- Rohi “Lord our shepherd”, Jehovah- Shammah “the Lord is there” and Jehovah -Saboath “The Lord of hosts”. Other names of God are also found in the Bible such as El -Elyon which means most high. Abhir translates to “the mighty one” and Kedosh means “the Holy One”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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