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The Ethical Question of Parental Nudity - Research Paper Example

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One of the most fundamental yet overlooked problems of the Western culture is the parental nudity in front of the children and its effects upon the children. People in the West have conventionally been showing too much skin. This paper focuses on the ethical question of parental nudity…
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The Ethical Question of Parental Nudity
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Download file to see previous pages Nudity is generally considered different from pornography and is traditionally considered less vulgar as compared to pornography, yet it is one of the essentials of pornography and is often the interface between nobility and pornography. Having seen nudity throughout their life, grownup people develop immunity to nudity. But what is quite normal for them for not be the same for their children. Every day a child learns day learns more about the world through the images. Things get particularly critical when a child enters teenage. Nudity attracts the child and arouses him/her sexually. It is common for a teenager to sneak into a corner of the home with a laptop and watch porn. The child may not necessarily watch porn movies. Nude pictures are quite sufficient to satiate the child’s cravings for sex. Parental nudity is sexual abuse to the children, so it must be avoided.
Having established that nudity arouses the child sexually, a mom who walks past her teenager son in a bra and a mini skirt commits one of the gravest sins on Earth by exciting the son’s lust, though it not intended by her nor the son. One may say, what’s the limit? Where should be draw a line between modest clothes and immodest clothes? The rule is simple; the more the skin shows up, the greater tendency a parent develops to excite his/her own child sexually.
Parental nudity may give the child psychological shock and put the child into trauma. Parental nudity is not only wrong because it makes the children sexually attracted towards the parents, but it is also wrong because it has the capacity to inculcate different kinds of complexes in the children. Having seen a parent’s genital, the child may wonder why he has got different genitals than the parent. A son might envy the father for having more mature sexual organ than he has. A child might wonder why his public hair is not as thick as his father’s. These and several other concerns like these may upset the children and they may feel low because of their underdeveloped bodies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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