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Childrens Mind - Essay Example

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The article begins by investigating the discord in the education system. At early stages, children appear enthusiastic about school. The excitement reflects in their performance, but things begin to change as the learners advance and metamorphose into adolescents. …
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Childrens Mind
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Download file to see previous pages As the report declares making grammatical errors when interacting and teaching such young children confuses their minds and may affect their ability to learn the language. Additionally, teachers must desist from using figures of speech and maintain direct ways of communicating to the children’s mastery encourage the language. Young children lack the mental ability to use speech figuratively. They apply concepts literally, and the teachers must observe the same in their teaching to ensure that the learners develop progressively.
As the essay stresses the ability to reason comes later as the child progresses. The education system should consider the mental development of the child vis-à-vis the techniques a teacher employs in teaching children of different ages. Deductive inference is among the earliest portrayal of reasoning abilities in children. Teachers should employ the technique systematically to enhance the development of the learner. Deductive inference refers to the ability of a learner to connect two or more related concepts. It relies on the existence of compatibility, possibility and necessity. Considering the age and abilities of the learners ensures that a teacher employs appropriate techniques. In mastering the use of a language, teachers must encourage the learners to develop intentions necessary in supporting complex utterances. Humans are social beings who ascribe to particular social values to coexist peacefully and to develop functional relationships. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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