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Each person in a work environment should participate in a regular process and procedure of performance appraisal. It is a recommendation by policy makers that the evaluation…
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LM 508 Appraise staff performance page 349
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Download file to see previous pages The appraisal is to ensure the work matches the mission, vision and goals of the department, division, and organization. In case of any changes regarding the job description, there should be a change in the way of the appraisal for the purpose of individual goals of the employee. The evaluation should be more than twice a year.
There are several types of appraisal theory. They include; structural model, process model, Roseman’s theory among others. The structural model of assessment in a work setting assists in explaining the relation that is between appraisals in a workplace and the emotions they elicit. The model has involvement in the examination of the process of evaluation and also an analysis of how different types of assessments influence different emotions from employees (Scherer, Shorr and Johnstone 2001). The assessment theory does not capture the dynamic of emotions correctly, hence the need for a better analysis of the structural model. The analysis is to understand further the complexity that comes with feelings. The process model involves an employee moving from appraisal to coping mechanism and then back to reappraisal. It is important so as to capture a long term theory of how to deal with emotions. Roseman’s theory of appraisal suggests the different ways of assessment result in various forms of emotions (Roseman 2001).
Performance appraisal helps employees know about tangible particulars about their work performance that will assist the supervisor assess their performance. The results improve the staff members learn which area of their work they need to improve in future. Better performance of the employees means a greater reward from the organization. Performance appraisal is also necessary for employees in planning how to achieve their life goals from the current position they are holding. The organization has the privilege to know about the human resource and their development ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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