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Through a Blue Lens as an Anti-Drug Message to School Students - Movie Review Example

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The object of analysis for the purpose of this paper is through a Blue Lens, a documentary by the National Film Board of Canada, is one of those films which force viewers to see life as it is. Life of drug addicts is shown in its true colors, with its scenes often truly shocking…
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Through a Blue Lens as an Anti-Drug Message to School Students
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Extract of sample "Through a Blue Lens as an Anti-Drug Message to School Students"

Download file to see previous pages One of the most essential merits of the film "Through a Blue Lens", therefore, is that it proves that knowledge is the power. To be aware of dangerous drugs are fraught with means to receive a chance not to become its victim. For some young people, this awareness may turn to be vitally important. A lot of people tend to think that something bad is never going to happen to them. Indeed, this is hard to imagine oneself being among the actors of the film. For many people, this is by far easier to believe that some of their neighbors, acquaintances, or colleagues could become victims of such a life. Rather you than me, that is the main principle. This is especially dangerous for teenagers who, lacking both life experience and sometimes also common sense, may easily fail to discern the hidden threat. From this perspective, the purpose of the documentary seems to be accomplished. It shows the mass audience that those individuals who had lost their homes and families and developed addiction used to be ordinary people, often from good families with their future quite promising. Still, some scenes of their life are indeed shocking. The one showing Carlie in her miserable home may be a good example. Although this is a young woman, she is a long-time addict whose boyfriend had recently shot himself. She demonstrates a gaping wound on her arm, which appeared after her idle attempts to take out imagined insects under her skin. Her arms are covered with deep scars of the same origin. This is one of the most striking scenes within the whole movie, as well as one of the most convincing elements of its anti-drug message to school students. Even despite a plethora of methods and programs developed in order to prevent young people, especially those of school age, from using drugs, 2014 statistics show that 2,6% of 12th grades have tried cocaine (NIH, 2014). Psychologists suggest that use of drugs at an early age increases a person’s chances to become addictive. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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