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A Hardship on Fathers to connect with Adolescents - Essay Example

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This essay describes fathers face a real challenge when their children enter into adolescence. The thesis statement for this essay is that ‘fathers face a hard time in dealing with their children and learning new roles and responsibilities when their children enter into adolescence’…
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A Hardship on Fathers to connect with Adolescents
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Download file to see previous pages The role of women has changed from pure housewives to independent working women about three decades ago. This shift of role has also brought changes in the roles of fathers as now they also have to remain at their homes with children at times to take care of them. Men also have to bear the responsibility of parenting their children as mothers do. Mothers now gladly coach their husbands into their new role of a loyal father. Men now seek counseling on parenting responsibilities. Fathers are now seeking more flexible job schedules, to help out at home. Obviously, the young adolescent children welcome this change as they see their fathers spending time with them at home instead of going out for work. Children like their fathers changing diapers, preparing the meals, and doing other chores around the house. However, the change is not that easy for the fathers and they are struggling with it. Traditionally, the provider is the man making substantial amount of income. But after women began to take on new roles, they were relieved of their traditional roles as mothers. This new role position will help sons in making better choices in life, whereas daughters will also become able to find a loyal and better spouse for them.Fathers face a tough time dealing with their children’s transition into adolescence. This is because when children enter into adolescence, a new challenge comes for fathers as they have to adjust themselves to the changing minds of their children. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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