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Most people are more judgmental evaluating another person’s character based on the context they are in. Many people tend to neglect the past or usual character of the person but…
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Download file to see previous pages Based on the story I wrote, I relatively tend to disagree with some results in reference to my personality. The results indicate that I have 3.28 ‘need for achievenment’ where it notes the average is normally 5.8. I tend to disagree on the results based on the test I was evaluated on. The test was based on the perception of the picture and it had no question regarding achievement objectives (Pennebaker, 2015). However, the other results can be a representation of my personality.
I was somehow surprised with some of the scores. In TAT card, the Need for Achievement misrepresented my personality. The standard score is set at 4.5 to 8.5 which I scored 3.28. The results could be biased since it lacked any question or inquiry into my achievement goals (Pennebaker, 2015). The lack of achievement related themes from my story could not possibly mean my pessimism on the subject matter. In the BFI, I was also concerned with the Extraversion dimension which denotes I somehow shy away from social-situations. I expressed I was reserved and that does not mean I am introverted.
The results tend to make me change some attributes in my personality. I scored somehow below average in the Need for Achievement. The results made me view situations differently irrespective of the situation. I will begin to view situations more productively in order to increase my achievement perception levels. I will also improve on my Extraversion dimension through being more talkative and open so as to minimize on my reserveness. Since I am more outgoing, I will utilize the opportunity to improve on my weak attributes (John, 2015).
The results could be used by people to make better inferences about others. Most people are used to making weak judgments about others with limited support or evidence. The results measure different aspects in a person’s personality namely: choice of words, conscience, intellect, sociability, emotions, achievement ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Esseay Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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