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Identifying information: the client’s name is Michael Winfred, born August 28, 1995, 15 years old, address: Seattle, Washington; 9 Union Street, telephone number: +1 179 253-58-96, current relationship status: single, occupation: student.
Client’s presenting problem of…
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Process Recording
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Download file to see previous pages Current family and household membership: Michael Winfred lives with his family consisting of the father, James Winfred, the mother, Wynona Winfred, and the sister, Cindy Winfred; it is reported that the family conflicts are rare and the parents are doing their best to enforce their children’s harmonic development.
Extended family and families of origin: James Winfred, the client’s father, is a military officer, lieutenant, aged 43; Wynona Winfred, the mother, is an arts teacher at the local school, aged 42; the sister, Cindy Winfred, is a student to the local college, aged 18.
Interpersonal and role functioning: The client reports about satisfactory and friendly relations with the friends, however, there are cases when he tends to impose his will upon the others; in this case there are often conflicts which are usually solved within a certain period of time; the relations with the teachers are normal, but there may occur some cases of the client’s obstinacy when trying to prove his opinion(s); the client has leadership qualities which make him both the class and the sports teams leader.
Education history and intellectual functioning: the client is a student to the local school, Spruce Street school; the client demonstrates abilities for abstract thinking; the memory capacity is sufficient for the client’s age; the problem solving demands development as per the client’s own statement because he is not always able to find appropriate solution for certain situations; the communication, both oral and written, is on the normal level; the school the client attends is Spruce Street school.
Strengths resilience and usual ways of coping: the client’s primary strength is that he tends to solve the problems by himself without any external help; it is also beneficial that he is able to analyze his own actions and behavior; there defense mechanism that the client uses to cope with the life stressors ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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