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Online forms of communication are used universally by all age groups and the mental health effects may vary according to different subscribers. The most common types of social media…
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Download file to see previous pages This is very possible if they access educative and youth friendly chats and discussions online. Most importantly, the concrete and abstract learning messages posted on social media act as an academic challenge to youths triggering them to embrace creativity and mental alertness.
Youths and adults readily access health information on how to manage stress, anxiety and depression. These three elements are common mental disturbances that occur in our daily lives. Elaborate information acquired through social media has proven very handy. There are a lot of articles posted on Facebook and other social media on healthy living, more specifically how to take care of mental health. It is worth mentioning that social media can be a very fast means of passing current and valid mental health information across all age groups or rather the millions of subscribers.
However, Fernández has also brought to the surface the negative impacts of social media on mental health. Social media can be used to perpetuate online harassment and cyber bullying among youths and even to some extend towards adults. When information posted on social media is fabricated, sarcastic embarrassing or hostile, it triggers emotional instability, anxiety and fear in those it is posted against. Once unwanted information is posted on social media it is no mean feat to clear the mire in which the victim has been dragged into.
Fernández identifies sexting as a viral behaviour among the social media users. This can come inform of sexually explicit photographs or text messages. The either forms of sexting create mental disturbances and imaginations that not only affects how one thinks but also changes behaviour. Additionally, Facebook depression and social isolation are also common in people who spend most of their time on social media. Depression and isolation can aggravate or trigger an underlying mental condition in an individual.
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