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Conflict within the society; in particular between community leaders and their residents, often have adverse effects since they provide an opportunity for rogue individuals to facilitate their unscrupulous operations that have far reaching consequences to the community as a…
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Stakeholders Interests Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages of the stakeholders’ interests in the Spark Island and Spark Island Lighthouse conflict case scenario in which several parties were engaged in a conflict of interest over the operations at the county park. The position of each party is addressed together with their benefits as far as Spark Island, and Spark Island Lighthouse is concerned. Conversely, the interest if different groups are analyzed on how they impact those of other groups as well as the compromise solutions that should be implanted to ensure all parties are satisfied or rather equally benefit (Gourlay, 2002).
The conflict in the Spark Island & Spark Island Lighthouse primarily revolves around a scenario that saw conflict of interest between two organizations and the residents of the Lighthouse over the ownership and scope of use of the Lighthouse by the residents of that locality. To begin with the land management bureau BLM created a plan that paved the way for TCMM to develop and implement an idea that had been drafted by the land management agency for the construction and operation of the county park Wonderland that included the Lighthouse. However, the process of coming up with the plan did not involve all interested parties and thus led the two organizations to come up with Spark Island Lighthouse with the primary purpose of generating revenue through tourism operations while barring the residents from accessing the same facilities. In essence, the case has three major stakeholders that include; the Lighthouse residents, TCMM that is mandated to carry out the operations of the area museum and BLM the land management bureau (Gourlay, 2002). The lack of inclusivity of all stakeholders in the Spark Island & Spark Island Lighthouse case ignited a conflict of interest between the local people and the BLM and TCMM.
The residents want their property that us the Lighthouse to maintain its value and thus they demand the regulation of the tourist numbers that visit the facility since it was getting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Stakeholders Interests Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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