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The application of social psychological theories and oncepts to friendship - Assignment Example

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The term friendship is used to refer to behavior between two people that allows them to mutually co-operate, support and care for each other. A number of factors, some of which include similarity, attractiveness, propinquity, family acceptance, competence, and self-disclosure, among others, influences this type of relationship. …
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The application of social psychological theories and oncepts to friendship
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Another factor that is critical to formation of friendship is regular encounter or interaction, also termed propinquity. Regular interaction with someone increases the likelihood of friendship developing between the two people. Even though family acceptance plays a subtle role in friendship, research show that among peers, acceptance of a potential friend rests with the peers, as they tend to advise each other, in ways that include crediting or discrediting the said friend. The ability to disclose information that otherwise would be inaccessible also fosters friendship between two people. Once one person discloses information about self, the other is bound to follow suit, a situation that creates mutual understanding between the two, hence strengthening the bond of friendship.

Hall, Smith and Rachel (2011) observe that social beliefs and judgments play a critical role in developing and maintaining friendship between two people or two groups of people. For instance, the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa that spanned days of unrests put an indent between the once friendly races that were united and worked together in the buildup to the 2010 Soccer World Cup. People may tend attribute the occurrence of the event and how it unfolded to the laxity of the government in place to protect its people. Through this mindset, a stream of reasoning that includes recalling and perceiving the event through the filters of our own assumptions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Application of Social Psychological Theories and Oncepts to Assignment.
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