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Life Of Pi - Essay Example

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This essay, Life Of Pi, declares that immediately after making the decision to have their Zoo sold in India and subsequently move to Canada, Gita Patel, and Santosh board a freighter with their sons together with a few remaining animals. A tragedy strikes when the ship sinks because of a raging storm. …
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Life Of Pi
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Extract of sample "Life Of Pi"

Download file to see previous pages From this paper it is clear that Pi encounters a death or life scenario, which tests his morality and faith. As portrayed in the movie, he is a young man who has faith in three religions. These include Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. It is from these three religion where he established a deep sense of kindness and morality towards any creature that lives. Things take a dissimilar turn from the point when Pi faces the harsh reality of starvation and death. He has to forsake his morality to survive.
The paper outlines that the movie depicts Pi’s personality and intelligence as well as his attitude and the motivation that keeps him survive this challenging moment. His experience is an explanation of and applicable to three distinct standards. These include the theories of intelligence, motivation, and problem-solving technique. A number of psychologists relate human intelligence to mental quality, which entails the abilities of learning from experience, adapting from new situations and using knowledge to manipulate the environment. Psychologists posit that as one adapts to a new environment his understanding of the setting increases. Several distinct cognitive processes explain effective adaptation to the new environment. As depicted in the movie, Pi had to adapt effectively to his newfound environment since he had to stay in the ocean for months before landing safely on land. These cognitive processes encompass memory, learning, reasoning, perception and problem-solving. All these processes of cognition point to one key thing that one learns how to solve and deal with a given situation as he continues to exist in the same setting and experience it. These theories offer an insight into Pi and Tiger’s survival. This is evident from the way that Pi provides answers to the investigator when questioned to describe how the events unfolded until he found himself in a lifeboat. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...? Life of pi The paper circumscribes around the elucidation of one of the significant characters of human behavior that is will power with respect to that of the famous novel, “Life of Pi” written by Yann Martel. Through the narration in a first person conjecture in the novel the author tries to explain that the human beings with their will power can attain harmony and infuse within them an immense tolerance level which provides solutions to various complications related to the survival of the living beings on the earth. The novel consists of 100 chapters but in this paper with the constraint of developing facts from every chapter is not possible. However a robust...
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...of the Visual Arts and Film Studies of the Concerned 13 March Life of Pi- Review Life of Pi is a movie that enthralls its audience at many levels. Superficially speaking, the movie seems to hover around at teenager stranded on a boat in the Pacific Ocean, accompanied by a full grown tiger. The teenager is Pi and the tiger is named Richard Parker, which may sound a little incongruous. Hence, as is evident, on the surface the movie pretends to be a crash course for the dummies who want to learn the fine art of surviving when stranded on a fragile boat in the Pacific, while being accompanied by a full grown Royal Bengal Tiger. However, in a serious context,...
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Life of Pi

...Life of Pi Introduction Life of Pi portrays deeply spiritual ideas of the world’s three primary religions that are Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. The bulk of the film describes Pi’s ordeal as he survives on a lifeboat in the Pacific Ocean. Life of Pi is virtually impossible to classify in any given genre. It can be characterized as a postcolonial film because of its setting in post-independence India and its Canadian authorship (Miller, 110). Like many postcolonial films Life of Pi can be considered an example of magical realism, a literary genre in which fantastical elements like...
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...Life of Pi Pi’s Life is not a book driven by character. This insinuates that Martel does not give much attention tofinding out what is in the character’s mind. For sure Pi’s good nature and humour is loveable though these traits also work as an opener to doors for ideas Martel. In many philosophical stories, the character is less or more his ideas. It does not change the character but gives him a different creation. In another perspective ideas deepen and fight out and build via character and the character builds via his encounters. Pi is thought to be of the first kind. From the book towards the end he is portrayed as wise and smart and...
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Life of Pi

...Life of Pi Introduction: 'Life of Pi' is a novel where three most basic elements: influence, inspiration and hard work came into play. Plot outline of this novel is as follows: The novel begins when Pi's father, a zookeeper, moves his family and the zoo's animals by ship to Canada for a new start. The ship sinks, however, and Pi finds himself lost at sea on a lifeboat. He soon discovers, to his terror, that he shares the 26-foot vessel with a female orangutan, a spotted hyena, an injured zebra, and a three-year-old adult Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. What follows is a tale of survival in its rawest form, as Pi...
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...Life of Pi Reflection People cope differently with different traumatic experiences, often choosing to escape reality and hide behind the facade of fantasy. Pi’s traumatic experience begins when the ship he and his family were sailing in to Canada sank (Martel 97). Through the 14 year old boy, Martel shows how humans use stories to express their inherent feelings on the actions of those around them. People are essentially storytellers who cast their experiences and life occurrences in the form of stories. Pi was unable to process the traumatic stream of events that occurred after their ship sank thereby choosing to relay the events through a seemingly...
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...Life of Pi Table of Contents Symbolism of the Pi in Yann Martels Novel Life of Pi 3 Works Cited 6 Symbolism of the Pi in Yann Martels NovelLife of Pi This paper makes an analysis of the name Pis symbolism in the context of the novel Life of Pi by Yann Martel, and in the context of the main character himself. The relationship between Piscine Patel, and his name Pi are profound. The exploration of this relationship throughout the novel yields a nuanced understanding of the hero. As in the infinity and irrationality that the number pi...
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