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Modern Psychology Has Outlived Schools - Essay Example

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The following essay “Modern Psychology Has Outlived Schools” focuses on modernism and post-modernism, which are vital in addressing curriculum analysis of contemporary society. The author describes the features of modernity as social conditions…
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Modern Psychology Has Outlived Schools
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Download file to see previous pages Tyler’s model attempts to explain the purpose of education that the schools should seek to achieve; selection of learning experiences that are ideal in attaining the required education; and the organization of the educational experience for the instructions to be effective. In addition, Tayler’s model also seeks to provide effective evaluation techniques for learning experiences.
Use of psychologies instead of psychology
Psychology is in the singular form while psychologies are the plural form of psychology. Psychology entails several processes such as evaluating, treating, diagnosing, studying mental and behavior. Due to recurrent processes involved in psychology, many individuals are often tempted to use the plural form to refer to these processes of psychology. The American Psychological Association explains psychology as the study of behavior and the mind. It is also a discipline in academics inclusive of the applied sciences and it attempts to comprehend individuals, as well as, groups through the establishment of principles and specific research cases. The practitioners are in turn referred to as psychologists who are faceted into the specific area such as behavioral, social, and cognitive scientists. IT, therefore, leaves more question than answers that suppose the plural form of psychology (psychologies) is used instead of psychology then what plural form will be applicable in referring to the practitioners in the field. Actually, this is a psychological argument that is likely to prove futile to come to consensus through the use of psychology appears right just because it is right in reference to the deontological point of view. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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